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Commercial Building Owners FAQs

All Your Commercial Building Owner Questions Answered!

Does NexGen carry the appropriate insurance for a commercial restoration project?

Yes, NexGen is fully insured to handle projects of any size and we are more than happy to produce an AI insurance certificate.

Will the restoration of my building interfere with business operations?

NexGen will do it’s best to alleviate interruptions during the installation. For roofing, we do our best to position ourselves away from entry points when tearing off old roofing and installing new.

What days can I expect the installation to occur?

NexGen works Monday through Saturday and sometimes Sunday to ensure a timely completion of the project.

Will the safety of building tenants be comprised when restoring the roof?

NexGen takes immense precautions and measures to ensure safety is of utmost importance. We will be sure to fence or rope off any potential areas of safety concern.

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