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Community Roofing Services

HOAs | Apartments | Townhomes & Communities


NexGen Roofing has been a trusted community roof expert for years!

We have decades of experience handling roofing issues in HOAs and Multifamily communities. From storm/hail damage repairs to simple yearly maintenance, NexGen Roofing has you covered!

We have the capital to repair and/or replace large scale communities. This is very important as some companies may not be able to fund large projects.

We also will help with any of your community’s insurance claims.

 We strongly suggest you get your roofs inspected thoroughly at least once per year. The lifespan of a roof can be extended with regular inspections, repairs, and proper maintenance. 

When you choose NexGen Roofing, we will come out to your property and inspect the roofs thoroughly. We will provide you with a photo report a comprehensive assessment on what roofing services are needed. We’ll provide a photo report and Then, we’ll discuss with you the pros and cons of repairing your roof now or waiting until the damage worsens. In the majority of cases, getting your roof repaired now is the best option.