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NexGen Roofing

Work at NexGen!

NexGen Roofing is Colorado’s fastest growing roofing company!

 We are a proud locally owned and operated Colorado roofing company, which specializes in the repair 
and replacement of residential and commercial roofs in the greater Denver Metro Area. 
We are looking for highly motivated, passionate people with entrepreneurial mindsets to join our team.  
If that’s you, NexGen is your ideal workplace!

Why NexGen?


NexGen is the fastest growing roofing company in Colorado! As NexGen grows, you grow!


NexGen is provides employee development on every level. You'll have the opportunity to improve, enhance, refine and hone your existing skills, and to also develop newer ones, in support of the NexGen's commitment to excellence .


Our employees are treated fairly and encouraged to contributions to the organization through their work. NexGen recognizes the value of each employee and appreciates their efforts.


At NexGen we understand that each person is unique. We believe being authentic at work is a life-affirming expression of who we are and what we stand for.

Join Team NexGen

Jobs at NexGen Roofing


Denver, CO Full-time, Part-time