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Roofing for Real Estate Professionals

Roofing Services for Real Estate

Whether you are a Buyer’s or Seller’s Agent,  NexGen Roofing wants to partner with you to resolve homeowner roofing problems and help you get the property sold fast!

NexGen roofing offers exclusive roofing services for Colorado Real Estate Professionals.

Schedule a roof inspection

We work with real estate agents to resolve roofing issues related to pre sale home inspections.

Buy a roof Protection Plan

Give your home buyers the gift of peace of mind, security and protection with NexGen's 5 Year Peak Protection Program.

3 / 5 Year Roof Certification

NexGen issues certs guarantees that the roof system will uphold its function for a minimum of 3 or 5 years.

Roof Replacement Quote

NexGen offers priority roof replacements and repairs for real estate professionals.

Frequently asked questions

Typically NexGen can have a representative out same day or within 24 hours. For real estate agents, we understand there are strict timeline guidelines to follow, so we make ourselves available for immediate assistance. You can always schedule an inspection for the date and time you desire by clicking the link above.

NexGen Condition Reports and Inspections start at $49 depending on the size and type of building be sold. If a certification and repairs are purchased, then NexGen will waive the inspection fee. There’s time, travel, and expertise involved in providing a report and if no services are provided, then NexGen charges the inspection fee.

In most cases a Roof Cert is requested by the mortgage lender to make sure that the property they are lending on is in good shape. Buyer’s realtors and buyers themselves always have the option to request a Roof Cert from a licensed roofing professional.

A NexGen Roof Certification is a specialized condition report and verification of the quality of the shingles, components, accessories, and proper installation. If the roof qualifies and meets NexGen’s standards, we can certify the roof is acceptable and will be of sound quality for duration of the NexGen Roof Certification.

If a property inspector raises roofing concerns, it’s imperative you have a NexGen Representative inspect the roof and decide if it needs immediate repairs or replacement; however, if the roof does need an immediate repair or replacement, then a roof certification from a qualified roofer should ease the buyer’s concerns and you may proceed with closing the real estate transaction.

n many cases, roofs qualify for a NexGen Roof Certification; however, small repairs or maintenance may be required in order for NexGen to provide a certification. Upon inspection, we will inform you of any issues and an estimate to relay to your buyer or seller.

Typical residential roof replacements can be installed in 1-2 days. But for our Real Estate Partners, we provide emergency services and priority scheduling, which means we move your installation date to the front of the waitlist and provide a sense of urgency with the suppliers to get materials delivered in a timely fashion. We provide the priority treatment because we realize time is of the essence and deadlines need to be met for all real estate transactions.

If your client’s roof is out of warranty, then NexGen’s Peak Protection Program is perfect for extended coverage, leak protection, discounts on repairs, and credits for replacement. If potential leaks are a concern, then NexGen’s Leak coverage will fix the leak for a flat service fee. NexGen’s Peak Performance Plan is also the perfect gift for your client to add a layer of protection to their roof click the following link to provide peace of mind for your client.

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Roof Warranties for New homeowners
What's Included in the Protection Plan for Homeowners?

Maintaining the integrity of your roof begins with a thorough inspection or roof check-up.  With a detailed roof check-up, a NexGen team member can document the condition of a “no damage” roof or determine if simple repairs or a new roof is needed. The next storm could mean problems, so it is important to hire a roofer that you can trust.

Did you know that roof leak repairs are rarely covered by your homeowner’s insurance? With NexGen’s Peak Protection Plan, you get a flat rate for leak fixes and repairs. No more waiting or shopping around for bids. 

Save hundreds to thousands! Most home owners insurance policies require regular maintenance on your roof. It’s also a requirement for any manufacturers and workmanship warranties you may have. The Peak Protection Plan offers group discounts on general maintenance, repairs and if you’re selling your home, the plan transfers to the new owner offering better peace of mind than a roof certification. 

NexGen provides photos and service records of your roof, which will keep your roof’s material in workmanship warranties in tack, and can help you with future homeowner insurance claims and lower insurance rates. 

When a Colorado storm hits your home NexGen’s Peak Protection Plan Inspectors will immediately assess the damage to your roof. You can avoid out-of-state, storm chasing roofing companies.  

We have a team of experts at your defense to guide and expedite all areas of your claim process. NexGen works will all major insurance companies. Zero short cuts are taken. We know all the tricks insurance companies use. Most insurance adjusters have little to no experience or knowledge of replacing roofs. NexGen will set the scope of work and tell them what YOU need in order to protect your home.

When a homeowner suspects that there may be big problems with a roof, there can be a sense of uncertainty or even dread.  A new roof is expensive and can be stressful if you don’t have the right roofing company and it’s installed incorrectly. NexGen Peak Protection Plans includes a $500 credit toward replacement cost. and you get a trusted, professional partner that you know and can depend on.

Your Peak Protection Plans also includes:

  • Peace of Mind
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Highly trained NexGen employees
  • Always Ethical, Licensed, Insured, OSHA Compliant Roofing Partner!

Give your buyers peace of mind, security and protection for their new home’s roof with NexGen’s Peak Protection Plan today! 

Protection Plan


Professional, courteous, prompt, and a company interested in your needs, keeping your business through honesty, quality service, fair pricing, and integrity.
Paul R.
My house was hit with a large hail storm. I was stuck looking for the right Contractor to take care of my home. I can not recommend NexGen enough.
Nicholas F.
NexGen Roofing takes care of their customers! They provide excellent service and are committed to exceptional customer satisfaction!
Jane H.