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Create Your Success Story

Welcome to NexGen!

Create Your Success Story

Company History & Vision

NexGen Roofing was founded by Joel Massey and Jonathan Friesen in 2014 with the mindset of two simple, yet powerful ideas: to be the upmost authority in the roofing industry and to dominate the market. Why dominate? Because we believe hiring a roofing company other than NexGen would be an extreme disservice to the members of our community. Historically, the roofing industry had been overshadowed by a “black cloud” of mistrust, malpractice, and an overabundance of inexperienced/unlicensed contractors and we sought out to change the standards and reputation of the industry entirely

Our Vision is to be the upmost authority in the roofing industry amongst qualified clientele and to own the market in terms of brand awareness, profitability, expertise, execution, and volume.

Our Mission

To recruit, train, coach, and continuously develop a dominant, results driven, high-performing Sales Force and Service Department who provide each of our clients unmatched customer service, maximum efficiency, and workmanship , while setting new high industry standards.

Create Your Success Story

Why Join the NexGen Team?

  • Proven “Hail Proof” Sales Systems … That Work!
  • Located in the heart of Denver Tech Center!
  • Insurance & Manufacturer Preferred Contractor!
  • Secrets to Close Claims Fast!
  • Get Paid Quickly!
  • Quickest Builds in the Industry!
  • Consistent Coaching, Training, & Development!
  • Company Trucks Provided to Top Sales Associates!

Create Your Success Story

NexGen's Proving Training System

We will teach you how to:

  • Earn Immediate and Consistent Income … Year Round!
  • Become one the Top Sales Associates and Earners in the Industry!
  • Develop a Winning and Success Driven Mindset!
  • Generate Residual Income and Create Long Lasting Accounts!
  • Develop a Long-Lasting and Successful Career in the Roofing Sales Industry!
  • Create and Generate Sales in any Market, Any Time of Year!
  • Teach you the Art of Roofing Sales THE RIGHT WAY!

How It Works - Training Phases

  • Step By Step Program to Develop Maximum Success!
  • Teaches Good Habits and Skills.
  • Sets Expectations and Career Goals!
  • Learn Systems and Processes Intelligently and Effectively!
  • Where you Begin Depends on Level of Experience and Expertise.
  • Must Meet Requirements and Expectations before you can Move up to Next Phase!
  • Top Performers will be Hand Selected to Move into the Commercial Training Program.

           “You Gotta Crawl Before you Ball!”

  -Mark Cuban